Wedding cakes

My first foray into wedding cake decorating began in 2007 when I decided to make and decorate my own. Back then, I was pretty chuffed with the results. Nowadays, I’m not a fan of it, but I suppose we all have to start somewhere. I’ve been interested in cake-decorating ever since and have decorated for friends, friends of friends and, more recently, by request.

The first cakeThree tier wedding cake, ivory icing, cremy gold ribbon, ivory rose and rose leaf topper

This was a three tier wedding cake, covered in ivory fondant (marzipan underneath over a fruit cake). “Why fruit cake?”, I hear you ask, well, yes, I agree it is a bit old-school, but when you’re facing your first cake you want something you can work on for weeks, not just a couple of days! Fruit cakes last the longest, so it seemed like the most logical choice. There were a few lace imprints on the sides and a small bouquet of sugar roses on the top.

As I said, this was ‘early days’. I remember cutting the cake that night with Hubby. The icing was so thick (I would guess, 1.5cm) that we both grabbed hold of the knife and had to push down pretty forcefully to make the first slice. The photos were, needless to say, not necessarily ‘romantic’. But hey, it was fun…

I have since made several wedding cakes, mostly for friends and friends of friends. You’ll find other wedding cakes posted in the category, ‘wedding cakes’.


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